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The panel discuss how the interaction between patients and physicians has changed in recent months, from the point-of-view of both the physician and HAE patient, and what should be kept going forward.


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“Shared decision-making augments patient satisfaction, can result in better understanding of treatments, better compliance and has a positive impact on outcomes”

Patient-physician interaction in HAE: a partnership

Professor Henriette Farkas

It is vital for patients with HAE to maintain partnerships with their specialists via telemedicine.

Professor Farkas describes the importance of communication between the HAE specialist and the patient, and between the HAE specialist and the local healthcare center both before and during the pandemic.

“I had a feeling that the patient was not communicating everything to me that he might have done by face-to-face communication”

Challenges and solutions in communication with patients – experience of a single center

Dr. Thomas Buttgereit

Dr. Buttgereit takes us through the challenges that his specialist center has faced since lockdown – from patient risk assessments, difficulty reaching patients, reducing the number of patients visiting, while ensuring prophylactic and on-demand prescriptions were received.

His most challenging aspect? – maintaining effective communication with the patient.

“Some questions came to my head all the time: …How can I reach my physician? How can I access my medication? What if I get COVID?”

Challenges and solutions in communication with physicians – experience of an HAE patient

Ms. Kathrin Schön

As an HAE patient, Kathrin presents her fears and challenges that arose during the pandemic. She will describe the alternative communication methods available and their benefits and flaws from a patient perspective.

“As expert centers, two-thirds of us had a greater than 50% decrease in consultation hours with our patients. That’s huge!”

What we should preserve from our experience

Professor Marcus Maurer

Professor Maurer concludes the webinar by summarising data from a recent global study and his own specialist centre during the pandemic, in terms of consultation hours and communication methods, and ideas going forwards.